lundi 29 mars 2010

Mc Rorie one-man band from the future

20 years of carreer, master of independance demonstration, inventor of his own custom instruments and my favorite ultimate Max / Msp user, Mc Rorie never came back from the day he got fed up with bands.
And yes, someone had to find a way to erase from the surface of the earth all these parasits who arrive late on rehearsals, want to play their way songs you never really liked, and make you loose time in neverending useless negociations.

Moving control-freak, who fought to do things exactly the way he wanted to, Mc Rorie doesn't only limits himself to cover songs: he composes, with a perceptible willing to deliver personnal messages packaged in the most american heavy sound, merging the true root of DIY with the most pleasant elements of fitness aesthetics.

A website full of generous physical mp3s among the ones I personally might recommend the hits Uru, or Nuclear Party song.

Mc Rorie - Uru

Mc Rorie - Nuclear Party Song

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