jeudi 9 août 2012

Side machine, side solution

Patrick Abrial - Slag machine

Claude Morgan - Slag solution

Wether it may be due to the piano or to the wah wah sound, this item is so representative of the french freakbeat wave that it instantly evocates some of Jean-Claude Vannier's production, or De Roubaix's incursions in funk for L'homme orchestre soundtrack.
It wasn't that usual for a 7inch to also include such collage elements at the time: another reason to file this among the most remarquable ones produced by Patrick Abrial's, an outsider rock singer you might remind for Le grand ordinateur, that Mr Aubrun already posted here. Credited for the "solution" side, his acolyte Claude Morgan is known for being a member of the french hitmaker combo Bimbo Jet, whose classic 7inch may be found in almost every pile of decent french material.

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